Victorian House with Glossy Red Kitchen and Futuristic Floor Lamp

To build a house, you need to define certain style of architecture that looks so unique and eccentric. Luxurious house built based on contemporary flair provides spacious house interior. Modern Victorian House listed here is decorated with brick wall that represents rustic flair. Those houses are dominated with classic and modern styles. House exterior is decorated with gorgeous garden. Dark metallic fence surrounds this precious garden.

House exterior that is identical with classic style contrasts with modern flair. Dark cantilever shades terrace of Victorian house. Modern Victorian House interior seems so sleek due to laminate flooring and sleek marble wall. Glossy red kitchen cabinet and kitchen stainless steel go with contemporary kitchen design. Sectional kitchen island is colored in red and white too.

Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

Mosaic kitchen backsplash tile makes this kitchen look precious. Pretty wall murals are adhered on wall to give beautiful sight. Open plan kitchen is equipped with minimalist black dining set. Black pendant lamp is applied above it. Sunlight comes to kitchen through glass window and glass door to brighten all sides of kitchen. Contemporary sofa set including green and black colors is equipped with white oval coffee table. Wood floor is covered with modern white rug made of high quality textile.

Black Green Living Room

Modern pendant lamp hanging on ceiling has soft lighting effect. Dark floral pattern curtain covers glass window in living room. Nice abstract painting is adhered on black painted wall to entertain your guests. Unique side tables in white color are used to place antique souvenir. Futuristic floor lamp illuminates contemporary living room.

Parallelogram shaped vase containing fake flower adorns white coffee table. Sofa cushions lying on green and black sofa are polished with rhombus pattern. Wonderful Modern Victorian House interior offers relaxing black and white bedroom. Dark floral pattern rug covering floor melds with black and white furniture in this bedroom.

Clean Bathroom Ideas

Black White Bedroom

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