Unique Interior with Asymmetrical Look Beamblock House Modelina

Yellow Door Design Plus Bulb Ceiling Lamp For Hallway Lighting Also White Wall Painting With Ordinary Photoworks

Do you want to have a different interior and unique interior of your house? Many people think that when they have the same luxurious theme interior, they have already had best house interior. Instead, you can have a really chic interior when you have the unique shape of interior that so different with the common home.

Laminate Wooden Floor And Stylish Kitchen Island With White Kitchen Bar Stools Furniture Plus Industrial Pendant Lights Above White Dining Table

The interior design of this house is so attractive and unique. As you can see in the picture, the ceiling of this house consists of some white stripes that decorate the ceiling. The window of this house is so large so that the sun light can enter the room naturally. The window frame of this house is so minimalist with the black color. The wooden flooring is chosen as the floor of this house.

Grey Hanging Pendant Lamp Shades Above White Dining Table Furniture And Wooden Bookshelves Plus White Kitchen Bar Stools Under Hoods

When you take a look to the other part of this house you will see some asymmetrical set of interior. Look at the kitchen of this house! The kitchen counter in this house is very unique and attractive since the leg of this kitchen counter is not symmetric. It also happens to the bookshelf near the TV cabinet. The design of the bookshelf in this room is also asymmetric.

Yellow Door Design Plus Bulb Ceiling Lamp For Hallway Lighting Also White Wall Painting With Ordinary Photoworks

Even though the shape is asymmetric, the room looks so attractive and unique. In the other part of this house, there are two stairs. The stairs is so simple with wooden detail and the yellow partition. The yellow partition between those two stairs makes this room look very vivacious.

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