Striking Modern Apartment Design ideas

Multifunctional Living Room Design Decor With Large Size Tv Units And Cleanly Black Frame Glass Windows With Modern Panelling

Sleek design for modern apartment sounds like a really great idea right? Everyone can get this kind of effect if people discuss it with the right and capable designers, as well for architects. Even though it is rather small space, but people can make most out of this apartment by installing opened fireplace made from combination of white and black stones, and for more sparkling style also install recessed white LED lights under this area.

Granite Stones and Fireplace

Lovely Image Of Bright Living Room Design Decor With Sparkle Lighting And White Puffy Sofa Feats Orange Cushions

As mentioned before, there is black part for granite stones comprising fireplace area. But, the sleek design can be used also for mounting television and DVD player under. Complete this modern apartment design with inviting armchair chosen in striking orange color. Sophisticated style can be seen from stylish rounded low table placed in middle of room. People can place starry black rug too. Beside the earlier chair, place white plush sofas added with orange pillows as well.
LED light is installed under fireplace area, which also means for homeowner to create the same style in every corner.

Funky Silver Chandelier

Exotic Interior Decor With Rounded Coffee Table Above Black And White Rug Ideas For Elegant Touch

For example, choose this futuristic design of white LED light for ceiling part, paired with gleaming silver chandelier. On the other side of room, choose glass windows with brown wooden frames. This way, people can take sunlight as much as they need. Tufted square stools in orange finish then should be added for extra seating plan.

Large ceramic vase filled with yellow tulip flowers will be a great idea if added in some areas as decorating modern apartment design idea.

Clean White Kitchen

Perfect Images For Glossy White Kitchen Cabinetry And Chrome Pendant Lamp Shades Above Modern Arched Water Faucet Ideas

White kitchen is applied with white used for all surfaces, and also for dining set comprised of white tulip table with glass countertop and chairs. In another space, create reading spot which consists of tufted long sofas and small low table. Mathematical paintings drawn on wall as backdrop can make a strong statement.

Sideboard Furniture

Best Picture Of Cosy Window Seating With Brown Cushion Covered And Minimalistic Sideboard Design With Furnishing

Round Side Table

Charming Picture Of Black And White Living Room Decor With Black Furry Rug And Simple Tiny Side Table With Rounded Top

Cow Skins Rugs

Clean Picture Of Small Home Office Design With Black Bold Office Chair Under White Floating Shelves With Backlights

Chalkboard Wall Ideas

Excellent Workspace Interiors Image With White Clean Windows Curtains And Clean Puffy Sofa With Small Cushions Under Led Wall Lighting Ideas

Round Rug in Living Space

Exciting Picture Of Charming Orange Ottoman Furniture Under Built In Table And Glossy White Sideboard Design Beside Rounded Rug Ideas

Glow Hidden Storages

Futuristic Interior Design With Illuminated Blue Lights And White Clean Indoor Plant For Natural Touch

Black Tv Units

Multifunctional Living Room Design Decor With Large Size Tv Units And Cleanly Black Frame Glass Windows With Modern Panelling

White Bulb Lights

Stylish Interior Of Bright Small Bathroom Design With Glass Pendant Lamp Shades And Plaint White Bathroom Vanity Feats Large Size Bathroom Mirror

Ceramic Floors Tiles

Futuristic Electric Fireplace Design And Three Rounded Recessed Lighting Above Clean Flooring System In Entertainment Room Ideas 2
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