Simple Residence Interior Design with Luxurious Bedroom Space

Are you looking for the simple residence inspiration for your house? Nowadays, one of the most popular designs that many people tend to have is the modern design. The modern design idea that is often brought is the design which brings the simplicity. If you one of those people who like this kind of house, you can read this article.

Black White Open Living Space

Just take a look at the simple house plans pictures that you can see in this article! The design of this house that you can see in this article may inspire you very much. This house is actually so narrow. But with the simple design, the rooms do not look small. When you take a look at the first picture in this article, you will see the living room picture. This living room looks so natural with the stone walls. Besides simple, this living room looks so luxurious with the existence of the special lighting behind the tv wall.

Bulb Pendant Lamp over Marble Dining Table

This house uses the open floor design style. As you can see in this article, the dining room and the kitchen of this house is united together in the same room without any separation. This room use the simple color as the dominate colors. The entire room in this house use the wooden color, grey color, and black color. The domination of those colors in this house makes the room more simple and modern. There are some simple decoration within this house such as the simple chandelier, the patterned rug, the simple painting and unique coffee table.

The design of the house that you can see in this article is very simple and modern. If you like to have the natural look you can adapt the design of the house as you can see in this article by applying the simple and natural color within your house.

White Venetian Window Blinds beside Blue Chairs
Sliding Glass Doors in Simple Bedroom Space
Comfortable Bed with Large Table Furniture
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