Seaside Penthouse Design with Modern High Rise Building

Glossy Black Kitchen Countertop And White Kitchen Bar Stools Plus Bulb Ceiling Lighting In Modern Kitchen Design

As expensive as it sounds, seaside Penthouse is intended for consumers who prioritize a dwelling with a comfortable, safe, and supported a variety of facilities to obtain a better quality of life. In addition by offering a clean and safe environment, seaside penthouse also offers beautiful panorama and a healthy lifestyle and classy. The penthouse resident or occupant also gain direct access to the open sea and can enjoy the fresh air every day either in their penthouse residence or outside.

White Living Area

Sectional Leather Sofa Design With Orange Accents And Large Size Area Rug Under Romantic Pendant Lights

Modern high-rise building near beach usually offers penthouse on their top floor as part of their facility. Living area near the beach has a number of advantages. From the health aspect, the air in the shelter near the sea is much healthier than urban dwellings. Penthouse developed in high-rise building areas usually has modern tropical style. To match the blue sky and ocean, a seaside penthouse interior usually have white themed color.

Penthouse Interiors

Glass Balustrade Design And Unique Ceiling Lamp Shades In Spacious Living Space

As can be seen in the pictures, enjoying the sky view will be more exciting with the presence of similar environment in a penthouse interior. White wall with white furniture give the sense of pureness. Additional black colored table or cabinet is a great choice too. But what importance in interior design is the dominant white color. Remember to use crystal or crystal-like material to make penthouse environment looks more luxurious.

Luxurius Bathroom

Glass Wall Design With Modern Frame In Bathroom Interior And Free Standing Bathtub Under Pendant Lamp

To make things even better, find a penthouse in which the bathroom views are facing the ocean. This way you even more relaxed when taking a bath with wonderful views. Combined with large windows that will give the blue atmosphere, the penthouse will give the sense of freedom. But all of this comes with a high price. Due its high value location, a seaside penthouse price can be extremely highly with price tag in the nine-digit dollars.

High Back Beds

Upholstered Headboard Design With Wooden Linen And Platform Bedding Beside Dark Brown Drawers

Tufted Bed

Trendy Upholstered Bedding With Brown Bed Spread And Grey Shag Rug Under Glass Bed Side Table With Drawers

Hallway Ideas

Large Size Ceiling Lighting And Marble Floors Plus Black Vanity Unit

Kitchen Area

Glossy Black Kitchen Countertop And White Kitchen Bar Stools Plus Bulb Ceiling Lighting In Modern Kitchen Design

Funky Dining Space

Shiny Ceramic Floors In Luxurious Dining Room And Chairs With Blue Deep Cushion Seating Under Huge Pendant Lights

Shelves Storages

Glass Shelves Storages And Laminate Wooden Floors In Reading Nook Ideas

Bathroom Vanities

White Bathroom Vanity Units With Black Legs And Decorative Wall Design With Unique Wall Lamp Shades

Large Bathroom

White Bathtub Design And Swirl Pattern Ceramic Bathroom Tiles And Unique Ceiling Lamp Shades For Lighting

Tv Storages

White Sofa Couch With Orange Cushion Covers And White Wall Storages Beside Tv Unit In Modern Living Room Ideas

Glass Shower Doors

White Wash Basin With Single Water Faucet And Marble Countertop In Innovative Bathroom Design
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