Patrick Maille Apartment Interior Design with Mezzanine Floor

Stylish Red And White Sofa Sets In Nice Living Area And Wooden Coffee Table Furniture

Nowadays, modernity affects people to live in apartment offering great facilities. Of course apartment in modern flair makes people interested to live inside. Contemporary Apartment Interior as follow gives luxurious touch. Everybody will be impressed to come into this apartment. Private mini bar is available here. Futuristic accent is found on architecture and furniture of apartment.

Concrete Floors System In Comfortable Dining Area And Glazed Window Design

Geometric accent on the wall strengthens modern minimalist taste. One side of the wall is polished in red while another one is white. Precious painting beautifies this wall. Square dining table made of wood and indoor plant gives fresh taste in elegant Contemporary Apartment Interior. Wire side chairs surround modern wood dining table.

Cute Open Living Space With Red Accent Decoration In Wall Design

Luxurious crystal floor lamp stands behind modern sofa set. Modern white sofa is equipped with red sofa cushions. Box wood coffee table is placed on typographic carpet covering laminate flooring. Sleek marble wall nearby bar countertop looks so glamorous. Modern wire barstools are set nearby bar countertop enlightened with bowl pendant lamps.

Modern Extractor Hoods Above Glass Kitchen Countertop And Modern Built In Shelves In Kitchen Island

White kitchen ideas consisting of futuristic kitchen set and stainless steel kitchenware gives classy taste. Minimalist white storage in this kitchen is used to store expensive glassware. Floor in this kitchen has unique pattern with dark laminate flooring of other rooms. Luxurious mezzanine in this apartment is equipped with glass railing. You can reach this mezzanine by walking through wood staircase with glossy marble wall.

Dazzling Bedroom Area With Wooden Frame Bed Unit And Laminate Flooring Systems

You will love bedroom designed as elegant Contemporary Apartment Interior style. Modern bed with padded bed headboard is equipped with sweet purple pillows and white quilt. Contemporary bedside table in glossy black color are equipped with shiny table lamps. There are black swivel chairs and black desk placed nearby glass door that helps you come to balcony embellished with ornamental plants. Luxurious bathroom in this apartment is facilitated with cool stone bath tub and stone washing stand. Dazzling LED lights behind freshening ornamental plants arouse beautiful sight.

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Stylish Red And White Sofa Sets In Nice Living Area And Wooden Coffee Table Furniture
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