Modern California House Architecture from Bungalow Design

Located in California, this living place can be used to provide people a space for having relaxation and skipping their busy routines in city. Therefore, bungalow design should be given special attention to. The white paint color is main theme in this room, where wooden element is massively used in abundant amount. White then painted in all surfaces including walls and ceiling. This way, homeowner can decorate this place in any color they like.

Related to this situation, let’s check out this bungalow design idea. Go to living room, where there are square holes embedded to walls and woods are attached there. This arrangement is to make place for putting decorations such as mini sculpture or ornaments. Place low table near a wall which has white countertop. On top of it then add vase of white flowers. After that, also place square coffee table in front of fireplace, consists of wooden legs and glass countertop.

One aspect that makes this house unique is that the owner hangs many patterned carpet as decorations on the wall. Surely there are various colors used for choice, which look contrast to white plain walls. Furnished wooden parquet floor is used for all floor surfaces. Meanwhile, star lamps are also added to ceiling for minimalist yet enough lights. The wooden material is actually also used for making wardrobe, cupboard, and etc.

Kitchen cabinets are chosen to be made of furnished woods, whereas drawers are from white material. What about bathroom in this contemporary bungalow design idea? People can see that blue tone is used along with neutral white color. White ceramic is used for furnishings inside the room. Also, transparent glass door is added to separate shower area with the rest space. Meanwhile, blue is used for tiled walls to make more clean statement to this sleek bathroom.

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