Minimalist Residence House with White Wall Decor from Phil Kean Designs

Do you wish to have the contemporary house as your future house? When you plan to have a new house, you will be faced by some choices of the house design. One of the most popular designs of the house that you can have is the modern design house. So, have you get any idea about the design of your house?

There are many designs of the house that you can adapt for your house. Just take a look at the modern house plans pictures that you can see in this article! The design of the house in this article may inspire you very much. The overall side of this house are designed in modern style. This house can be a great idea for you who like to have the modern design for the house.

When you take a look at the first picture in this article, you will see the beautiful and luxurious house with the simple design. This house has the simple and modern shape of the home exterior. In the front side of this house, you can see that this house has a small garden. This way will really show the fresh effect of the house.

When you take a look to the next picture, you will see the indoor of this house. This house is very simple with the vertical lines on the wall. This house has the combination of the black and white color which enhance the simplicity of the house. before entering the house, you will see that there is a bridge and a small pond that make the house fresh and natural. The glass door is chosen as the door of this house.

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