Loft Design Idea with Small Space Bahtroom in Philadelphia USA

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There many types of loft and the lovely loft design that we will talk about right now is this luxurious loft design. Well, just like you know, there thousands of loft designs that you can find right now and some of them coming in a very luxurious design just like this astonishing luxurious loft design in Locust Street, in Philadelphia, USA.

This outstanding luxurious loft design is created by Amanda Alligood and it is surely one of the best luxurious loft designs that you can find right now. So, if you want to know how luxurious loft design looks like, this amazing luxurious loft design is one of the best example that you can see right now.

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The first part that will show you the beauty of this incredible luxurious loft design is the living room.

The living room that you will find in this stunning luxurious loft design is very different with the standard loft design. This living room is located in an open space area in which you can easily most of this awesome luxurious loft design part. From this living room, you will able to see the amazing space design that develops in this superb luxurious loft design.

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The other part in which you can clearly see the beauty of this perfect luxurious loft design is kitchen. Look at this lovely modern luxurious kitchen design with kitchen bar in it, it is amazing isn’t it? It is mostly manufactured by using wood material, which is why it looks luxurious, and it is decorated by using modern minimalist design.

The kitchen bar is equipped with modern style chair with steel frame. Overall, this kitchen is the perfect design that can become a nice element in this special luxurious loft design. Those are few excellences of this adorable luxurious loft design and its design beauty. Incredible luxurious loft design like this one is indeed can be the dream living space for everybody, isn’t it?

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