Klopf Architecture Presenting Sustainable House

Trendy Alfresco Outdoor Dining Area With White Wood Dining Chairs Sets And Square Top Dining Table Furniture

As previous home need to be renovated, the owner goes with sustainable house idea on two storey orientation, as single story could replace their whole back yard with another room. The design done beautifully by Klopf Architecture brings utmost function and sustainable purpose in this very building. This interesting self-sustain house covers all energy it need by utilizing various enhancements, such as insulated structures from concrete forms and panels, windows in high performance purpose, solar photovoltaic system, turn this residence into friendly house, which both exposes the view with transparent material and preserve privacy for its user.

Black White Living Space

Black Fabric Sofa Design For Two Seater And White Bookcase With Free Standing Style In Open Living Space

All of sustainability concept as basic on this house design, to provide energy it needs. Photovoltaic system utilizes both natural lighting for illumination and electric purpose, adapting solar panel to turn it into energy. Building mass and openings are north oriented, thus you can expect this building to utilize natural light in daylight, by additional attention on window lay out to prevent glare of direct sun. The designer comes up with fabricated material, minimizing wood on its performance, and using renewable source as building material to suppress negative impact for environment.

Laminate Wooden Floors With White Top Dining Table Sets And Black Kitchen Island With Solid Color Countertop

For building skin, the designer choose ‘Artisan Lap’ of Hardie Company, replacing wood siding, with various advantage features, such as termite-proof, high durability, and fire resistance. To ensure comfort for the user, all concrete material and supporting material of building, coated with additional insulation, while for almost concrete ones come with pre-cast fabricated material. Other material such as stairs, created from bamboo, which is renewable.

Large Shelf Storages

Soft Blue Kitchen Chair And Compact Bookshelves For Modern Storage Systems In Kitchen Area

Glass Windows

Trendy Interior Design Decorating With Floating Wooden Stairs And High Windows Design With Glass Materials

White Interiors

Extraordinary White Interior Design With Wall Shelves Storages And Laminate Wooden Floors

Kitchen with Storage Organizations

Stylish Wooden Kitchen Cabinetry Design With Pull Hardware Feature And Frosted Glass Door In White Wall Storages

White Kitchen Cabinets

White Wall Cabinet Design For Modern Kitchen Design And Pull Down Water Faucet And Solid Black Countertop Ideas

Built in Desk and Storage

White Wall Shelves Storage System With Blue Plastic Chair Above Laminate Wooden Flooring In White Interior Decoration

Minimalist Style

Minimalist White Interior Decor With Glass Windows And Simple Bookcase Design Plus Hardwood Floor Systems Under Swivel Chair With Arms

Wooden Floating Staircase

Wood Floating Staircase Design With Black Accent For Modern Living Space

Outdoor Dining Area

Trendy Alfresco Outdoor Dining Area With White Wood Dining Chairs Sets And Square Top Dining Table Furniture
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