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Long Ceiling Lighting Above Rug Ideas In Trendy Living Room Design

A living room is an important part of the house. You can greet people, have a talk, and make discussion from here. Your guest will have their first impression by the design, model, trends, and the view of your living room. Therefore, living room has to be design as comfortable as possible, they have to keep the living room clean and they have to design the living room creatively. So that, your guest will be happy to stay and have a talk with you in your house.

Awesome Living Room Design Decoration With Laminate Wooden Floors

Here we have some pictures about living room and how they are designed. In the first picture, you will see the luxurious living room. This living room designed a bit complicated with geometric shapes of the room but it still looks so minimalist. The wall in the right side of the picture has a simple pattern in pale pink color and made from marble which makes the wall is glossy. The TV plasma is place on this wall. In the front side of this picture, the wall has white colors, made from marble. There is one yellow sofa, of course it is for the owner of the house. Facing this comfortable sofa, there are black sofas lower than this yellow sofa. These sofas have white tender carp which will make your feet warm. You have to choose the best Living Room design.

High Back Living Room Chair With Yellow Cover Above White Shag Rug Ideas Also Beside Black Fabric Sofa

Personally, people would agree with the arrangement of this living room. The window is placed behind the black sofas covered with white transparent curtain which makes the room nicer. The ceiling has the same pattern with the floor. They are all made from wooden materials in dark brown color. On the right side of the picture, you can see the door where people come into the living room.

Grey Fabric Sofa With Cushions And Glass Coffee Table Furniture In Modern Living Room Ideas

The room has wooden floor in stripes pattern in natural wood color. The use of wooden floor makes this room looks more comfortable and luxurious. Do you want to have a living room like this? Bet your guest will stay longer and enjoy their visit. Living Room Design ideas like this will make you get a very good impression.

Long Ceiling Lighting Above Rug Ideas In Trendy Living Room Design
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