Feels Fresh with Natural Themed Residence and Rustic Dining Room

Homey place which is full of fresh decoration feels so peaceful. Green wall inside luxurious Natural Themed Residence spreads fresh sensation. Wood floor that has rustic sensation lets you feel warm. Open plan living room, dining room and kitchen is set without wall partition. Leather sofa and black coffee table are placed in spacious living room. Floral pattern wallpaper and nice painting adorn this living room. Bookcase containing a lot of books is put behind sofa set. Classy chandelier illuminates and decorates living room.

Wooden Dining Table Furniture

Dining room is furnished with rustic wood dining table where fresh indoor plants are set on it. White side chairs surrounding dining table are polished in high gloss finish. As you enjoy foods, you can see freshening green wall simultaneously. Glass railing protects staircase containing black stair steps. Futuristic chandelier hanging on ceiling brightens area along staircase. Natural Themed Residence design looks precious because of exotic painting adhered on wall.

Small Kitchen with White Marbles

Small kitchen lets you cook foods cozily. White marble square island goes with stylish kitchen cabinet in white. Marble kitchen backsplash has sleek appearance. Soft lighting ideas illuminating kitchen enhance beautiful sight. Nearby kitchen, there is black sideboard made of lacquered wood. Cute ornaments on black sideboard are intended to beautify this residence. Antler adhered on green wall arouses harmonious look since both of them represent natural taste.

Polygon Bathroom Floors Tiles

Bathroom with sleek polygon floor tile goes with charming Natural Themed Residence design. White marble wall is appropriate to white bathroom cabinet. Large rectangular mirror is fitted on marble wall tile. Flower and futuristic wall lights spread shiny look. Cozy home office decorated in white theme is embellished with pretty wall murals. Glass ball pendant lamps hang on ceiling to brighten this room. Modern desk and stylish black swivel chairs are applied in home office. Minimalist storage is available in this home office.

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