Creating Comfy Space Suitable Warehouse Design

For some people they do not really like the idea of warehouse. The reason is perhaps because they have certain image of it, such as for storage. But actually with the suitable warehouse design, people can get the same great effect just like when ordinary house or residence is used. From exterior side, people can see its historic feeling of old building, one of criteria in warehouse.

Rugged bricks walls are dominating the front side of this place, along with glass windows. Even though it looks like old and traditional or rustic, but when people get inside they can see modernity and trendy furniture filled the house. Reading spot is warehouse design idea example in this situation. White theme is used for the room, but black is for furniture. Black bookshelf contains so many book collections arranged in random order.

For creating comfy space, place comfy chair as well in black color, along with rounded low table next to it. After that, on top of white floor, people can roll out cow skin rug. The main concept of this design is actually to contrast white and black. And just like earlier reading spot, black furniture and decorations are dominating the white rooms. Let’s check out this modern living room.

The walls are painted mainly in white, but there is one part of wall made of black woods. Then, place long black sofas with tufted accent on its cushion. Stylish black acrylic is used for table. Decorating this warehouse is mainly with the two colors, which are white and black. Lamps are added in minimalist style too, and people just hang it there up on upper part of wall. Choosing warehouse design idea in this concept may seem boring. But, white color can look sleek just like in this bathroom which is paired with mirror and glass accent.

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