Contemporary Mink Meadows Residence House Design

Orange Pendant Lamp Shades Above Kitchen Dining Table Sets From Wooden Material Above Area Rug

This beautiful contemporary house is located in Mink Meadows, Massachusetts, United States, designed by Interior Studio Martha’s Vineyard. This charming exterior performance can make you fall in love at first sight. The designer put exterior in accord, where the landscape provides refinement for this residence, as well as good outdoor function. Nice large pool with several seating, refines this massive building exterior, and provides good reflection of lighting in night, thanks to its large and ample openings. Lush surrounding offers further refinement for this very building.

Ceiling and Beams Living Room

Spacious And Modern Design Living Room Decoration With Led Wall Lamp Shades Above Laminate Wooden Flooring Systems

Interior performance of this residence performs unique state of spacious room, as the ceiling and beams exposed in such a way. The ceiling is come with vaulted form, and the beams are constructed in unusual geometric shape of combined arch. This huge object turns to unique focal point, other than this fabulous interior composition. This living room designed with large ample opening, to provide the room with natural light.

Brick Wall Fireplace

White Ceiling Fan Lighting Ideas Above Stone Fireplace Mantels And Wicker Chairs For Two Seater With Decorative Cushion Cover

The designer comes with various type material and texture to complement modern furniture performance, such as warm parquets in brown and nice rough texture of masonry construction on its fire place. This contemporary architecture is epic; turn this living room into lovely living room you can dream of. Same yet different beams also exposed in kitchen area, where you can find old dining table with unique chandelier lamp above it.

Clean Bedroom Space

Double Sofa Design With White Bed Sheets And Soft Blue Pillow Cover Beside Modern Bed Side Table With Small Size

Same parquets and modern furniture concept also accented this room. Rough texture of stone is presents also in here, adapting this room to have continuous theme from previous living room. As you step into bedroom, you will be entertained on change of interior color, from dominant brown into pure white. Brown parquets and furniture just completing this white dominant color into perfect color combination.

Bathroom Storages

White Washbasin Design And Large Size Bathroom Mirror With Chic Wall Lamp Shades Above Bathroom Vanities

Same large opening provide both natural illumination and lush views. This bedroom also has its own toilet, as you can commonly find in hotel’s room. The designer conceals it into a nice storage and drawer partition to wrap this toilet. You can find many interesting combination of material and color play in this contemporary house building. This masterpiece of contemporary house design is a great inspiration if you want to turn your house, adapting the same style.

Rounded Bathroom Mirror

Round Mirror Design With Vintage Style And Pull Down Water Faucet Hanging On Walls And Under Pendant Lamp Shades

Large Pool

Outstanding Pool Design Ideas With Outdoor Lighting And Black Outdoor Sofa With Red Outdoor Cushions

Glass Top Dining Table

Orange Pendant Lamp Shades Above Kitchen Dining Table Sets From Wooden Material Above Area Rug

Wooden Deck Pool

Wooden Deck Design And Black Lounge Chair On Wheels In Creative Pool Design Ideas

Rounded Glass Walls

White Single Sofa With Soft Brown Ottoman Plus Pattern And Wooden Wall Shelves For Bedroom Accessories
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