Complex Modern Architecture with Dual Sided Fireplace from Deephaven Residence

Modular Sofa Furniture With Grey Cover And Yellow Cushion Also Laminate Wooden Flooring

A modern architecture firstly comes up as the time growing up. Nowadays, people have more creativity in designing their house. One of the reasons is because the models and the designs are also growing rapidly. People defines modern architecture as an architecture which will represents the modern life, using modern design, furniture, or modern materials. On the other hand combining traditional materials such as wood and stone is also a bright idea to make modern houses.

White Freestanding Storages And Dual Sided Fireplace Design In Center Area

Here we have some pictures about modern architecture. In the first picture we can see the house has white wall it looks so clean and comfortable. Combined with brown wooden floor, the house looks very warm. The sofas have white color. For your information, white color is a characteristic of modern style because many people in modern era love minimalist design with minimalist color. Modern Architecture Design like this is very suitable for your modern house.

Modular Sofa Furniture With Grey Cover And Yellow Cushion Also Laminate Wooden Flooring

Move to the living room. If many houses design their room in different floor design, material, or furniture, this house has the same colors. The whole floor is made from wooden materials in the same color. The furniture like the book rack, the sofas, the cabinetry, the wall, the fire place and the ceiling are in white color. Especially for the kitchen, the cabinetry made from a combination between stainless steel and marble with abstract patterns in white and brown color.

White Bathtub Design And Black Wall Painting Also Clean Ceramic Floor Tiles

When you move in to the bath room, you will see how beautiful the room is with unique pattern on its wall. If the whole rooms of this house has wooden floor in brown color, this room is different. The room has white marble floor which looks glossy and the cabinetry is made from stainless steel while the table is covered in marble materials. The wall has chevron patterns in white and black color. Modern Architecture Design Ideas like this can be a good reference for you.

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