Classic Style Residence Combines from Giorgio Zaetta

Exotic Balcony Design With Cute Table Lamp Shades Also Black Chairs For Outdoor

No one can resist the attraction this classic residence. It has successfully combined two different styles in a very beautiful residence. The building follows the classic 18th century architectural style. The building consists of four floors with classic structure technology. All walls were constructed from stacking natural stones. In each floor, it has two windows that directly face the ocean.

Exotic Balcony Design With Cute Table Lamp Shades Also Black Chairs For Outdoor

A beautiful and small terrace on the second floor was created to sweeten the façade view. It also has function to approach nature as if floating on the ocean. If the building comes with classic style, the interior design appears with very opposite style. You can feel modern and contemporary design in every room inside the residence. Look at the living room. A set of dark brown sofa and a set of lazy chair were placed near each other and facing the windows.

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This placement has an intention to spoil the human inside with natural scenery. The ceiling was also design in low height. It will raise the sense of warm and intimate for people who interact in the living room. The beautiful arrangement of this living room makes this is a luxurious classic residence. The ocean is obviously being focus for all rooms to face such as in the continuous space between kitchen and dining room.

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When you sit in the dining room, it will let your views to the ocean. This scenery and the wall stone seem like bringing natural environment into the residence. It blurs the partition between indoor and outdoor. A very private room in the residence is very surprising.

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The bathroom is placed on the top of the building. It has a very simple design and is dominated with the color of white. Parquet floor with wood pattern warm the bathroom situation. While the ceiling that expose the rafters makes a roomy bathroom. And of course, there is an opening facing the ocean from this bathroom. This concept will make luxurious classic residence ideas for your cozy living.

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