Classic Courtyard Residence with the Two Levels plus Best Architecture Design

A residence design is in the various designs and one of the best residences is the Courtyard Residence that is finished with the classic design. The best design of an architecture design, the residence will look more interesting. In the exterior design of the residence, there is an interesting architecture design. From the outside area of that house, there is an interesting and unique architecture design.

Colorful Living Space

It is also clearly seen that the house has two levels. That house is very interesting because it has a loft interior design as well. It is very unique for a modern home design idea. The home living design is very unique and striking because it is also combined with the existence of a great design with the best and appealing white exterior design. When night comes, the house looks very interesting and unique because it has a great lighting unit in both of inside and outside of the house.

It looks very elegant and striking because it is also combined with the best and appealing lawn area. In the outside of the house, there is a large lawn area. It has a green view that is also combined with the existence of a very interesting house plan idea. That is the outside of the Courtyard Residence Inn. In the kitchen of that house, there is a very interesting and modern interior design.

White Clean Kitchen

It has white color dominant. That kitchen is also equipped with the wooden kitchen island. That wooden kitchen island is also combined with the marble countertop as well. Located nearby that kitchen space, there is also a rounded shaped dining table set design. It was made from the wooden material. The chairs of that dining table set are in the white color. This Courtyard Residence Inn Central Park is also very luxurious.

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