Captivating Apartment Design Decoration with Rustic Brick Wall

People who decide to live in an apartment must choose comfortable apartment design that keeps them endure staying inside. Simple contemporary apartment offers nice interior that is designed likewise common house. Rustic brick wall dominates interior to give simple image. White kitchen set in contemporary flair is layered with sleek marble countertop. Wood floor and wood ceiling goes with rustic brick wall surrounding kitchen. Stainless steel kitchen appliances look so glossy.

Rectangular Kitchen Dining Table

Rectangular kitchen dining table made of wood is equipped with antique wood chair. Unusual metallic pendant lamp enlightens whole sides of kitchen. Glass window in white enables you to see beautiful town overlooking. White marble kitchen backsplash is appropriate to white kitchen cabinet. Sparkling kitchen backsplash light illuminates kitchen with its soft lighting effect. Simple Contemporary Apartment interior which is dominated by wood accent represents rustic appearance. Minimalist office room facilitated with wood cabinet, wood desk, wood chair and high technical computer.

Asian Bedroom Design

Bedroom available in this apartment is built based on Asian design. Wall partition is embellished with horizontal stripes. Wood floor goes with wood bed divan that indicates rustic touch. Cushy mattress covered with precious bedsheet that makes people feel comfortable sleeping there. Bookcase bed headboard made of wood is used to store a lot of books. Apparently this wall partition functions as storage.

Arched glass window in white color optimizes brightness over room. Futuristic pendant lamp in black lamp shades illuminates homey Simple Contemporary Apartment interior perfectly. Rustic wood pillars strengthen traditional touch even though this apartment is built based on modern architecture.

Glass Shower Cabin

Contemporary bathroom in white is furnished with white bathroom furniture too. Glass shower cabin feels so fresh due to indoor plants placed inside. Mosaic floor design in bathroom brings exotic look toward this apartment. Wood bathroom vanity is traditional furniture that makes perfect this apartment.

Multifunctional Room Ideas

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