Build a Wonderful House with Awesome Class Bathroom Design and Marble Walls

To build a wonderful house, you have to consider detail design of each room inside house. Here are several splendid bathrooms that will pamper you when you take a bath. High class bathroom with glass window enables you to see precious town overlooking. At night this view looks so fantastic. Round bath tub in minimalist style goes with futuristic house design. Wood floor in bathroom represents traditional flair. Minimalist table where bath set is placed on it tidily is colored in black to adjust black washing stand containing white sinks.

Small White Sinks

Appealing bathroom with cream marble wall has sleek texture. Glass shower cabin with black stone wall is equipped with white wall shelves. Minimalist white washing stand is equipped with stainless steel tap. Small mirror adhered on the wall has compact design. High Class Bathroom design facilitated with elegant wood bathroom vanity looks sparkling since bathroom is illuminated by contemporary lights.

Small Bath Tub

White porcelain bath tub and sinks are identical with sleek marble floor and marble wall. Red bathroom furniture represents soft and elegant taste. White bathtub made of porcelain is placed next to red bed divan. Bedside tables in red color are equipped with dark table lamps. Gold wallpaper layering wall inside bathroom and bedroom gives luxurious touch. Cube pendant light above white washing stand spreads sparkling lighting effect.

Indoor Plants

Splendid bathroom seems so natural with stone floor and indoor plant. Glass shower cabin is constructed in minimalist flair. Mosaic wall tile decorates this bathroom to give glamorous touch. Open plan bathroom surrounded by glass wall brings fresh sensation into room. Round bathtub is decorated with small gravels that strengthen natural concept.

Minimalist wall shelf containing glossy bath set is adhered on wood wall. Wood washing stand is equipped with porcelain sinks. From here, you can see pretty scenery outside. Inspirational High Class Bathroom design is embellished with nice ornamental pool, stone decoration and ornamental plants.

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