Beautiful Kitchen Storage Design

Brown Fabric Sofa Design With Throw Cushion Covers Beside Round Top Side Table Lamps

Entering this beautiful house your eyes will be soon attracted to this modern kitchen. Not just a simple modern kitchen with plain décor but the kitchen décor looks amazing with the wooden touch. The shaker style cabinet with drawers is very functional to keep the items in the kitchen. It also can be used for kitchen storage that will make neat kitchen arrangement.

Led Lights Under Kitchen Wall Cabinet Storages

Looking at this modern kitchen design you will be astonished by the wooden veneer for the kitchen cabinet surface. The wooden pattern is always looks soothing and cozy. White table top and horizontal backsplash tiles bring sophisticated atmosphere to the room. Below the wall kitchen cabinet you can find holes which lead to the formal dining room. This U shape kitchen is completed with the floor to ceiling white kitchen cabinet and the shelf on the wall. In the center of the kitchen you can see metal kitchen island that looks clean and sleek.

Stylish Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Storages And Wall Mounted Storage In Kitchen Design

Beneath the metal kitchen island you also can find wood kitchen table and contemporary dining chairs. Two pendant lighting above the kitchen is adding charms that already have been. The kitchen is open to the living room with love seats and single sofas. The sofas are filled with throw pillows which make it looks and feel plushy and cozy. You can feel the warmth in this room by placing modern fireplace beneath the television on the wall.

Brown Fabric Sofa Design With Throw Cushion Covers Beside Round Top Side Table Lamps

In the next room you can find another living room and formal dining room which is separated by wooden cabinet. The living wall is filled with photograph wall décor while in the formal dining room you can find round wooden table with high back dining chairs in tufted decor. The wooden cabinet can be filled with dining ware and mini wine racks. If you interested in finding more modern kitchen design ideas with lavish wooden atmosphere, these photos below will fill your thirst.

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