Beautiful Garden Furniture and Natural Element Ideas

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For modern interior design, adjusting the room with modern minimalism with minor color (usually comes in white and black or monochrome tone) to accent the room with contrast color composition. While this thought of modern interior brought by almost interior performance nowadays, Tadafumi Masuda, famous architect and designer, create this showroom in Omotesando, integrating this minor element of plant within modern interior, into larger scale, into designing interior element with garden furniture.

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This modern design of interior, accented its very room with nice and fine touch of natural element, where you can expect modern furniture concept, created with natural material such as rattan and water hyacinth. Various elements of plants are also presented in this showroom as well, turning this into spatial catalogue, where you can see its performance directly.

Nice warm brown of natural element, and other color, representing the idea of this natural element can provide other option of modern furniture. Various color and shape performance of interior furniture are presented here, with wide range of natural plants to accent your room as well. This will be a great additional idea into interior decorating, to turn your room into by this charming natural material as your furniture element.

Main room of this showroom area reflects interior furniture in various shape and performance, covered in dominant color of brown of furniture, and dark brown color of background, with rich accent of interior element. Tables, seating, shelves, racks, couch, shade and any other interior object, created on natural material as the showroom implies.

You can find outdoor furniture and plants as well for your patio or garden, as another option and paradigm that this garden furniture is not meant for interior design only. This natural elements and furniture, enrich your imagination toward interior, and provide good contribution of interior design ideas for you to decorate your own home.

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